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Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to complete the transaction?

It will take 5 to 30 minutes after sending the money.

How much dollars can you buy in a day?

You can make a transaction at a maximum of three times a day, and you can buy up to $200 every time.

How many dollars can sell?

Maximum 500 Dollars in a day.

What is the purpose of BLWallet?

Currently In Bangladesh, Many People involved in freelancing. Many have taken Freelancing as a profession and earning a minimum of $ a month. Initially, we started our journey considering their advantages and conditions.

Who can buy and sell dollars?

Those who do freelancing and make dollars online by doing different online jobs, they can sell a specific amount of dollars for urgent needs. They can buy up to a maximum of $ 200 at a time and sell up to a maximum of $ 500.

Are there any additional charges for buying dollars?

If you order Neteller less than $30, Will be given $0.5 less. If you order Skrill less than $30, Will be given $0.6 less.

What is the dollar exchange rate in blwallet?

The dollar rate will depend on the international market price.

Why will you use blwallet?

blewallet.com offers you the benefits of unconditional, secure and reliable transactions. You can also find more on our site - Through this site, all the freelancers and people working online will be able to easily transaction with this. We have no additional charge for buying dollars. We ensure maximum security for all types of transactions. You will be able to receive the money faster than at any other medium and at home. You can sell dollars from anywhere, through Bkash, rocket or mobile banking.

Why my account is banned and deleted?

Ordering again and again without send the payment. Asking the same question repeatedly. Doing same order repeatedly. If we have treated us badly. After receiving the payment you messaged us you didn't get the payment.

There are many sites are scamming, now how can we believe you?

We are here to do business, not to do scamming. We are getting profit from you by doing business. So why would we do a scam?